Core Strength


Innovation ability and results


The company has a national enterprise technology center, Hunan Industrial Design Center, established a long-term cooperation mechanism with universities and research institutes, Participated in the preparation of national or provincial standards and specification documents such as "Technical Guide for Export Commodities - Daily Ceramics" (Ministry of Commerce, February 2017), "Safety production Code for Daily Ceramics" (QB/T 4792-2015) and "Daily Porcelain" (DB43/T 604-2010), with the ability to design, research and development, production of the whole industry chain innovation and upgrading. At present, the company has 314 patents, including 35 invention patents, 55 utility model patents, 224 design patents, and has developed more than 28,000 glaze colors, more than 35,000 flower faces, and more than 100,000 models. Strong design innovation ability, personalized products have become one of the core competitiveness.

Scale Hualian


(1) Production capacity: The company's daily porcelain production capacity exceeds 150 million pieces/year, and ceramic wine bottles exceed 36 million pieces/year. It has 8 comprehensive ceramic production bases, 14 production plants and 28 firing kilns.

(2) Quality: In 1996, the company took the lead in establishing and passing the ISO9000 quality assurance system in the industry, and successively obtained the production certification of domestic ceramics, ISO22000 food safety management system, etc., and the quality technical indicators of each series of products reached international standards.

(3) Professional: The company is the drafting unit of national and local standards in the daily ceramic industry, a professional ceramic group that integrates the design, research and development, production and sales of ceramic products, and produces and operates various types of ceramic products such as stoneware, under-glaze wocai porcelain, electric porcelain, and special ceramics.

Sci-tech Hualian


The company has introduced intelligent manufacturing automation production lines in the daily ceramic industry, including isostatic pressing machine and automatic finishing equipment, high energy efficiency spray drying tower, high efficiency and energy saving 100 meters continuous high temperature intelligent control system roller kiln, intelligent 3D inkjet technology and other advanced production equipment, and has 63 core technologies to further improve production efficiency and product quality.

Brand Hualian


(1) Market position: The company insists on "creating value for customers", and has served more than 200 overseas customers since its establishment, covering more than 40 countries or regions around the world. It has maintained good cooperative relations with international large enterprises, domestic well-known wine enterprises, the National Government Offices Administration and other government and enterprise units.

(2) Industry status: The company is the vice chairman unit of China Ceramic Association and the president unit of daily porcelain Branch, the honorary chairman unit of China Light Industry Chamber of Commerce Ceramic Branch, and the president unit of Hunan Ceramic Industry Association.

(3) Brand honor: the company successfully created "Hualian", "Red Guan Kiln", "torch" three well-known Chinese trademarks; It is China's national porcelain production enterprise, China's top 100 light industry enterprises, top 10 ceramic industry enterprises, the national intangible cultural heritage "Liling under-glaze porcelain firing technology" heritage base, the national industrial tourism demonstration site, national geographical indication protection products, well won the Chinese export famous brand, China ceramic industry famous brand products and other hundreds of awards.