Social Responsibility


As the world continues to pay attention to green development, low-carbon and digital development will certainly be the driving force of future development. Huaci has been adhering to the green development concept of low-carbon environmental protection, focusing on the "let production and nature symbiosis" to take actions, committed to energy conservation and emission reduction, and protect the human homeland with scientific and technological innovation.

In recent years, the company has fully realized the recovery and utilization of kiln waste heat, piloted solar photovoltaic power generation, phased out some non- energy saving motors, gradually replaced diesel forklift trucks, and constantly promoted the use of energy-saving kiln tools, carried out energy-saving diagnosis projects with the third party from SGS, and started the application of green factories in Hunan Province. In addition, in 2021, the company will put the smart logistics Center project into use, and pay more attention to reducing environmental damage and energy conservation while using science and technology to expand production capacity.

As a labor-intensive manufacturing enterprise, the enterprise continues to promote the optimization and improvement of process technology and the automatic transformation of production equipment, and has successfully introduced the isostatic dry powder molding process as well as robot rolling, robot palletizing, automatic cup packaging line and other automation equipment.

At the same time, has introduced the performance, budget, health management and other management system, under the premise of integrating the original foundation of the enterprise, improve the level of management and operation, with new technical means to enhance the new technical capabilities of the enterprise, in order to support the enterprise to adapt to the new requirements brought about by the change of digital transformation, to achieve the strategy of co-prosperity with the industry and society, to achieve the sustainable development of the enterprise.

Over the past 20 years, in each new capacity expansion, the enterprise has always focused on environmental impact assessment and occupational disease hazard factor evaluation, and has built and improved environmental protection and occupational disease hazard protection facilities in strict accordance with the "three simultaneous" requirements, and implemented the classified treatment and rational recycling of industrial solid waste, and improved qualified recycling channels for hazardous waste. In order to eliminate secondary pollution to the environment. At the same time, it also took the lead in the renewal of the new version of pollutant discharge permits, and improved the environmental self-monitoring mechanism.

The actual operation and production process of the company is relatively clean.

Major pollutant companies have formulated corresponding environmental protection treatment measures



No acid, alkali and other chemical substances are used in the production process of the company. Its waste water is mainly the waste water produced by the porcelain mud production and wet repair billet process. After the self-built waste water treatment system, the precipitated waste mud can be directly reused in the beating process.


Exhaust Gas

The waste gas in the production process of the company mainly comes from the flue gas generated by the ceramic firing process. Because the natural gas is fired into ceramic products, the emission concentration of the smoke and dust of the exhaust gas is far lower than the emission standard limit value, so it can be directly discharged.


Solid waste

The company's solid waste mainly refers to the defective products produced by product inspection and packaging, which can be used as raw materials for the production of ceramic products or paving materials after grinding and ball milling.



In the production process of hard raw materials and waste porcelain using cloth bag dust, and then the process are wet production, dust generation is less.