Innovative Design


Design Director: Zhong Fangping

Design Director of Hunan Hualian China Industry Co., LTD

Master of Chinese ceramic art

Judge of the 10th Ceramic Innovation Competition of China Ceramic Industry Association

Design member of China Packaging Federation Master tutor

Hunan University  of  Technology

Hunan Province senior professional title expert judge

Hunan Ceramic Industry Association master selection judge

Ceramic art works are collected by national museums and other art institutions


Art Director: Zhang Zhijian

Master of Chinese ceramic art

Hunan Master of arts and crafts

2002 for the Great Hall of the People to create the display art porcelain "Eight views of Xiaoxiang" in 2006 to design the central head of Zhongnanhai porcelain flower face five national patents

"Dong Village Evening Smoke" won the second "Earth Award" national ceramic works competition silver award "Frost leaves red in February flower" won the "Hunan First Crafts fine competition" gold award "Dream water" won the third "Earth Award" national ceramic works competition gold award "Fishing Village sunset" "one of the eight Xiaoxiang" for Comrade Jiang ZeMing collection.