Shan Jixiang, president of the Chinese Society of Cultural Relics and former director of the Palace Museum, came to Hualian Porcelain to investigate the ceramic industry

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On October 26, Shan Jixiang, President of the Chinese Society of Cultural Relics and former director of the Palace Museum, investigated the ceramic industry in Li. Gong Shuguang, former Counselor of the Provincial government, Cao Huiquan, Secretary of the Zhuzhou Municipal Party Committee, Deputy Secretary and Deputy Director of the Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, Chen Yuanping, Director of the Provincial Bureau of Cultural Heritage, Hu Changchun and Jiang Xiaozhong, leaders of Zhuzhou City, Liu Xinhua and Yang Jian attended.

Shan has served as a member of the Party Leadership Group of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (vice ministerial-level) and director of the Palace Museum. He is currently the president of the Palace Museum Academy, the president of Beijing Dongcheng Cultural Development Research Institute, the honorary president of the School of Cultural Heritage and Information Management of Shanghai University, and the president of the Chinese Society of Cultural Relics. It is understood that Shan Jixiang led the team to Li this time, as a guest in Liling to shoot the third season of "Walking alone in Thousands of Miles - China in the Heritage" program.

Shan Jixiang came to the headquarters of Hualian Porcelain Co., LTD., Great Xochua Porcelain, in-depth investigation of stoneware, wine bottles, daily porcelain, as well as cultural products. He looked as he walked, asking in detail where to export, how to export volume, how to burn rate, whether to design independently, what are the details of the design concept. Shan Jixiang said that both cultural undertakings and cultural industries should persist in transforming existing cultural resources into development resources and transforming cultural soft power into hard power. For ceramic cultural heritage, it is more necessary to deeply explore the spiritual value, historical and cultural value and economic and social value, pay attention to creative transformation and innovative development in accordance with the requirements of The Times, fully stimulate the creativity of ceramic culture, adhere to the life of art porcelain, and let them enter the homes of ordinary people.

Cao Huiquan thanked Shan Jixiang for coming to Zhuzhou Liling to investigate the ceramic industry, and introduced Shan Jixiang to Liling and Liling ceramics. He pointed out that Liling is a famous Chinese ceramic historical and cultural city, the production of ceramic products covering daily porcelain, electric porcelain, craft porcelain, architectural porcelain, new ceramic five series of more than 4000 varieties, known as "white jade, bright as a mirror, thin as paper, sound as qing" reputation, and every 4 porcelain cups in the world are produced in Liling. Zhuzhou will also further make good use of the rich ceramic industry resources in Liling to better inherit the excellent intangible cultural heritage of under-glaze wucai porcelain firing technology.


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